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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Awards! We give awards!

Occasionally, moi will present awards to those who have shown exceptional effort in delivering clues to the clueless. My first award is to the noble, honorable and courageous Senator Barbara Boxer of California.

To: Sen. Boxer,
CC: Rep. Conyers,
Re: Award recipient


Dearest Babs;

I must say I applaud your *valiant*, principled, and courageous attempt to deliver a clue about that vile, vile man, Alberto Gonzales. However, darling, it *pains me*, nay, slays me no end that your efforts went without effect. *Le sigh of resignation*

But such efforts should not go without reward. I hereby award you this miniature Mallet of Understanding for ceremonial use.

Remember, it is for display purposes only, and must not be used for intimidation, interrogation, or torture.

Brava, bellisima!

Gentle and well-clued readers, I am *sure* you've already done so, but be sure to write to Senator Boxer to thank her for standing up and speaking out. And who will our next award recipient be? Stay tuned to this blog, gentle and well-clued readers!