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Monday, January 10, 2005

Comments! We get COMMENTS!



*modest preen*

So, it seems that *moi* is "very funny", according to John Aravosis of America Blog

*le blush*

Well, darling 'leftenant', you're quite a giggle-fest yourself. When I'm not *le fuming* right along with you!

*le wink*

All right, that concludes this meeting of the Blogosphere (Left Hemisphere Chapter) Mutual Admiration Society. Move along, nothing to see here.

Edit: I swear to *moi* it was there, honest, but somehow my Haloscan comments ate it out of sheer, undadulterated perversity of heart and meaness of spirit. Bad Haloscan, BAD!


Well, all right, it really isn't Haloscan's fault. Somehow my comments were under another Haloscan user's name, I just don't know *how* that happened,† but it should be fixed now, and if you don't believe me, go ask John himself.

Oh, Jo-o-o-hn, would you *pleeeeeease* repost your comment?
*le batting of eyelashes fetchingly*

† All right, I *do* know how, but I'm not admitting *anything*, do you hear me?
*Le chewing of fingertip in dainty disingenuity*

Edit part deux
I have *found* the link to the set of comments--and have ammended the link to reflect it.