The Mallet of Understanding

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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Hello, darlings!

Well, well, well, what do you think of my new digs? I'll be posting here with clues for the clueless when my busy schedule of clue delivery allows.

After all, I've got about 51 million clues to deliver, and only gotten about 100,000 done so far. I may have to recruit some assistance from among the 49 million who didn't vote for Georgy-porgy. Oh, and I mustn't forget all those who *didn't* vote at all! *harumph*.

How positively cro-magnon can one be? You're about to find out, my well-clued darlings, trust me.

Briefly, consider Virgina (isn't for lovers mourning the end of a pregnancy) Delegate John A. Cosgrove: He has introduced a bill in the VA legislature that makes it mandatory for a woman to report a miscarriage within 12 hours, or face a $2500 fine and a year in jail.

You can read the latest over on The Well Timed Period.

Oh, John, darling, heads up. You're about to be my first recipient of a clue:

Now, where did I put my Mallet of Understanding? Oh, there it is!

There is no way to enforce this, you troglodyte! Wham!

This will criminalize women who have done no wrong other than invading their own privacy in order to notify police that they miscarried! Wham!

There. Hope this makes you realize just how clueless you are.