The Mallet of Understanding

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Monday, January 10, 2005

ooh, Georgie-porgy....Clue Delivery!

After Threats, Iraqi Electoral Board Resigns ( Iraqi election officials quit en masse


Poopsie, I'd like you to pay close attention to this clue. It's very *very* important. The entire Iraqi Board of elections has quit, yes, all at once, that's what en masse means. Why is this clue important? Well, dear, it's like this; Either you're fibbing just a little bit or you're utterly clueless about what's really happening in Iraq, poopsie-kins.

Now, you see? Just like solids cannot occupy the same space, you can't have one version of a story that is opposite of another story.

No, Georgie, this story isn't made-up. No, Geor--Georgie, take your fingers--TAKE YOUR FINGERS OUT OF YOUR EARS RIGHT NOW!


Georgie, singing "The Star Spangled Banner" isn't going to change things, poopsie.

Why do I bother? Because I have a job to do, that's why. If not for me and my minions of clue delivery, we'd all be in gulags.