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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

VICTORY IS OURS! (Plus, moi makes good on a mistake)

*le petit dans de absolute victory*

Oh, do, DO join in the celebrations, my minions! ("I'll take definition #3, Alex") Here, have some champagne and drink to our very first success! It seems, my darlings, that M. le delegate Cosgrove of the state of Virginia has decided to withdraw HB1677 from consideration in that state's legislature on Monday after receiving simply *scads* of emails from outraged citizens. According to this article, Delegate Cosgrove collapsed in a heap of tears from the abuse inflicted on his delecate sensibilities--or perhaps he got the message after *moi* took The Mallet of Understanding to him on our debut installment?

I am prepared to be gracious and generous, and share the glory of this decisive victory. After all, it's going to be a long, long, interminably long 4 years, mon chers. And it's going to take more than *moi* and my Mallet of Understanding to get clues into all those Clueless Wonders out there. Oh, yes, I do indeed owe a debt of gratitude to my inimitably capable and gorgeous "leftenant", John of AMERICAblog for alerting *moi* to our success. *MWA!* Kisses, kisses Johh-darling!

Chives, darling, break open another case of champagne! And for heaven's sake, take off that silly burkha. You do keep tripping on it, my dear! You know I can't afford health coverage for you...

In other news, it has been brought to my attention that I made a teeeeeensy-weeeeensy mistake.
*le look of disingeneous shame*

It seems that the "Board of Elections" of *one* province of Iraq quit, not for the entire country. Je te mea culpa, mon chers. In my haste to deliver the clue, I didn't present all the facts:

"In another significant blow to Iraq's upcoming elections, the entire 13-member electoral commission in the volatile province of Anbar, west of the capital, resigned after being threatened by insurgents, a regional newspaper reported Sunday."
There, boo-boo all better. And thank you to my darling BP for revealing my mistakes. The man is a *saint*, I tell you, an ABSOLUTE saint for pointing it out to *moi*.