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Monday, February 21, 2005

Clue Delivery for...

Jeff Gannon
James D. Guckert
Karl Rove
White House staff
Secret Service
Dr. Bob Eberle
Ari Fleischer

*Le fume*

Whomever you are (and you know who you are!), just what were you thinking when you thrust inserted placed a conservative shill in the White House press pool with a findable history of prostitution as a "male escort"? Were you trying to give Republicans a bad name?

*La lumière des aubes de compréhension*

*Le petit dans du glee*

Oh, well done, well done indeed! *Moi* could embrassez vos deux joues avec le plaisir!

8" my lily-white...


Nothing to see here, move along now.

(*Moi* would like to thank her faithful and deliciously salacious Leftenant John at AMERICABlog (Not Work Safe, Darlings!) and those sublimely clue-full minions, the dKossaks for disrobing uncovering revealing finding the dirt on Gannon/Guckert this story!)