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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Another Clue Delivery for Le Chienne Afghane Rabique!

Darlings, It has come to *moi's* attention through various channels, (not the least of which is The Witch) that Le Chienne Afghane Rabique may have been censored, or did censor herself with the "Old Dyspeptic" comment. While the details swarm and conjecture flies, *Moi* would like to interject something; *Moi* would like to remind her gentle readers that using the ethnic roots of an American as a means of denigrating is simply tacky and mean-spirited. Further, that delightfully curmudgeonly Ms. Thomas is NOT an "old Arab*", she is an American. Her parents were from Lebanon, not Saudi Arabia, and while the population of Lebanon is predominately of "Arabic" ethnicity, they are not "Arabs".

Calling someone an "old Arab" is, however, anti-semitic in the broader sense of the term "Semitic". For you see, Arabs are Semites--that is, as a race they speak a Semitic language, related to Hebrew.

Now, it's entirely possible that Helen's parents were not Arabic, but Lebonese-Armenian, and as such don't fall under the term "Semitic" at all. Armenian falls under the Slavic languages of the Indo-European grouping. It would still be wrong to call Ms. Thomas "That old Slav", because she was born in America, and has been an American citizen her entire 84 years.

*Hold your noses, darlings, and read it. See for yourself the twisted logic, the outrageous claims, and cancerous hatred this chienne spits up on the livingroom carpet of the world-wide web. Be sure to wash your hands afterwards.