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Friday, March 11, 2005

You go, Obama!

Gentle and well-clued readers, as you know *moi* occasionally will pay homage to those fine and noble folks among the otherwise self-centered-like-a-gyroscope in the US Congress. Today it is my pleasure to award Senator Barack Obama (D-Ill) for speaking truth to power.

It seems that Georgie-porgy stuck his foot (all right, both feet) into his mouth regarding the average African-American life expectancy and the de-construction of Social Security:

Bush is courting African Americans with the pitch that the Social Security system is unfair to black men because of their shorter life expectancy.

Obama said the notion that Bush would tailor his Social Security appeal to blacks by talking about their shorter lifespans -- without linking it to the causes of the death rate -- was "stunning'' and "puzzling.''

Obama said he would prefer the president not frame his Social Security argument "in racial terms.'' Obama's strong words may have special significance since he is the only African-American senator.

Oh, you *go*, Obama! This melanin-deficient Euro-menehune applauds you for bringing truth to the Land of That White-Man's Lies!

Stephen Moore, president of the Free Enterprise Fund, which is backing Bush's bid for investment accounts, defended the approach. "I think the Republicans should go into the black communities and let people know what a lousy deal they get from Social Security."

Obama, Moore said, did not take issue with the "fundamental truth'' that there is a racial death rate disparity.

"This is not about why the life expectancy is lower," Moore said. "It is about the fact of life that blacks do die at younger ages and they get a relatively worse deal out of Social Security than whites."

Said Obama, "This is as if the president is arguing for privatization of fire protection because our houses aren't worth as much as houses in rich neighborhoods. Or maybe we could privatize police protection because if we get robbed, our stuff is not as nice. It defies logic.''

Do accept my gift of the Golden Mallet of Understanding, Mr. Obama, along with my wishes for a long and successful political career.